Friday, October 4, 2019

Hello Fall!

October is by far one of the best times to play here at Winterstone.  All of the hard work put into the course this year is flourishing and with good fall weather, nothing beats it.  With all of the excessive rainfall this year there had been quite a bit of erosion along cart path edges. This fall we will be working on these areas.  Most of the erosion ends up in lower areas of the cart paths elevating the grass which compromises drainage.  We will be stripping this sod off and removing the excess soil. The soil will then be transported to the maintenance facility to dry. When the moisture content is desirable an artificial amendment, crumb rubber (infill) will be mixed in. This material will improve the porosity of the soil. In turn alleviating compaction, improving infiltration and root space. The recycled soil will then be taken to the origin of the erosion and sod will then be replaced.

See you on the course!