Wednesday, October 28, 2020


Will it be cold? the wooly worm indicates yes. I predict that more than half of the days this month will be nice with more moisture than October....hopefully! We have reduced all mowing to a minimum. In fact, if you see a mower it’s most likely out there for leaf clean up. With excessive cart traffic this year we will be laying cart path edges with new sod and aerating compacted areas in the rough. While weather is favorable the cart rule will remain 90 degrees. Please adhere to stakes and do not drive on the sod. Hope to see you on the course when it s in the 50’s.


Hole #3 Oct. 26 

Monday, March 2, 2020

March Madness is HERE!

With the season around the corner all the course accessories; tee and yardage markers, ball washers, watercooler stands etc.. will venture back out on the course.  The equipment is tuned and turf products ordered, spring fever is amongst the grounds crew.  The weather has been inconsistent this winter and I suspect March will be the same with slightly higher temps.  Early in the month we will begin spraying pre-emergent herbicide to Fairways, Tees, and approaches. Nothing really starts to grow until the soil temps reach 45 degrees. Hopefully, mother nature gets this accomplished mid-month. As soon as she does we will wake the greens up with some fertilizer. Soon after we will aerify, then we will be around the corner and ready for the season. We look forward to seeing you on the warm days!

- Bryan Gandy

  Fairway reel set for sharpening

 New cart path on #9