Thursday, June 27, 2019

It's Summer already?!

Is summer really here? Yes it is.  For most Golf Course Superintendents July 4th is the warning signal for all hell to break loose! With hot wet weather this year, high disease pressure will be prevalent.  To help combat these issues we perform cultural practices.  Most common is venting and topdressing.  Venting allows fresh Oxygen into the soil profile and allows gasses to escape helping the plants respiration.  Topdressing is a light application of sand.  This aids with keeping the grass plant growing upright as well as keeping the soil profile drier to prevent anaerobic conditions.  For a golf ball, it helps it to roll smoother.

In addition, we will continue to lay zoysia sod on our fairways.  The Cart Rule will be to drive in fairways or cart paths only.   Please remember to be an alert driver and avoid newly sodded areas.  Please lift, clean and replace your ball off of the new sod.  And please don't forget to hydrate, use sunscreen, find shade and have fun! 

See you on the course,

Bryan Gandy
Golf Course Superintendent 

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